hey guys. i just built myself another computer, i know what i'm doing there, put all the parts in right blah blah blah, put the cathode light in correctly blah blah blah. Heres the problem: I go to turn my computer on, to look at the pretty light lol, and the first time, it works, it turns on, i hold the button, it turns off. all good. then i call m brother in to show it to him, and i go to turn it on, and the light flickers and the entire system turns off. anyone have a solution to this problem that would be awesome. any suggestions would help im totally lost. thanks. btw heres what im running if it will help: asus a7n8x-x motherboard, athlon xp 2500+, 512 pc2700 corsair, ati radeon 9600 pro, 60gb western digital ata-100 7200rpm hd, msi 52x cd-drive, asus cd-r drive, and a blue cathode light thanks a lot guys.


im guessing its a short in the power

Any beeps? No?

Process of elimination.

Check the video card and RAM to make sure they're seated correctly. Hell, take them out and reseat them fully if you so desire.


Unplug the power cable. Take everything out of your case, including the motherboard. You can leave the processor, heatsink, and memory plugged in, just be careful if the heatsink is a weighty unit.

From there, only plug in the video card, and only the video card. Now plug the power cable back in, try to start the machine. If that doesn't work, you've got bigger issues.

thanks for the advice. i eventually got it to turn on, but what i realized is before when the computer "shut off" it was still running, and when i turn it on this afternoon i was met with the pleasant surprise of my processor burning. oh hurray. theres 100 dollars down the drain. i guess ill see if amd will take it back. thanks anyways.


Remove all FRM's and boot the motherboard and if it boots, add in each FRM to isolate the problem.