Hi Guys

I have a Seagate HDD(not SATA) 80Gb but have major issues with it.

Okay, when I am in bios I can see the HDD, it's size, everything.
When in Windows(having drive as slave), it doesn't show it in 'My Computer', but shows it in 'Device Manager'. It doesn't show in 'Disk Management' at all.
So I thought I will try to install Windows on the drive, so it can format...
"Setup cannot access the disk" was my result.

So I looked around and got hold of Heren's boot CD and tried running various scan's and tests on the disk, but all I get is errors that the programs can't access the disk.
I am thinking maybe it has to do with the MBR, but not sure.

Any idea how I can fix this?:-/

"When the drive is first seen by Disk Management it will not be seen in Windows Explorer. For the drive to be seen in Windows Explorer the drive will need to be configured through Disk Management. Vista or XP will normally see the unpartitioned drive when you open Disk Management and will start the wizard for you." Directly from Seagate.com

Here is the link for getting your issue resolved. Assuming you have xp or vista. If not they have same solutions for 2000 and me.

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Thanks man

The problem is the disk is not visible in Disk Management.

Only visible through the Bios and in Device Manager.

Did you look for an "Unallocated" disk in Disk Management?
The disk may be bad. Try uninstalling the IDE controller and rebooting.

Thanks man

I haven't checked for that.

Was ready to contemplate the HDD drop , slap and freeze test, but will have another look.