I just bought new parts to build a PC and after everything was done I tried to boot up and nothing showed on screen. I plugged in headphones and when I pressed power the motherboard said this through the headphones: "System Failed due to CPU Overclocking". My guess is, the CPU produces too much heat but I havent overclocked it. I just built it...

The card has this thing called Non-delay Overclocking System (AI NOS), AI Overclocking (intelligent CPU frequency tuner). Im trying to figure out what to do.

Anyone has an idea what to do?

My system:
ASUS P5GD2 premium motherboard
intel P4 650 3.4ghz 2mb
sapphire radeon x850xt 256mb
Maxtor 250gb sata

Not much to go on..

Are there jumpers on the motherboard for cpu speed?

Did you ever get into BIOS?

Did the monitor EVER show anything even briefly?

Did you use thermal paste when installing the heatsink on the cpu?

Did you power up without the heatsink for ANY reason..

If "THE CARD" you are talking about is the video card have you tried any other video cards without the overclocking feature.?

I was able to go in the bios 2 times. these ae the times the monitor showed something. Everything is at their default stock config. the thermal paste was already on the heatsink. I meant the motherboard not card (dunno why i wrote that, mustabeen tired). and I cant try any other parts cuz its my first pci express system.

I am currently formatting my drive. I was lucky enough to put the winxp cd in drive and being able to start pc without the error to boot from cd. I am hoping the error will not persist in future startups.