Hey guys.

I've had my custom PC for about 5 months now.
Just today, when I got home from college, it won't turn on at all. I press the power button and nothing happens.

My ASUS PVP67 PRO Motherboard has a little green light on it even when not plugged in. I've replaced the fuse for the plug but that didn't help.

Any ideas what the problem could be and how I could fix it?


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PSU immediately comes to mind

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The little green light on the motherboard usually stays on even when you unplug the computer because it's running of a charged capacitor. Leave the computer unplugged long enough and the green light will eventually go out.

Did you check if there is a power switch on the back of the computer. Maybe this has been switched to the off position somehow.

Make sure the outlet you are plugged into is working and has power going to it.

If you are using a power bar or surge protector, make sure they are working, or bypass them all together and plug directly into the wall outlet.

Make sure all the cables are seated properly on the mother board. Sometimes they can work loose.

The power switch on the front of the computer may be disconnected from the motherboard or not working at all. In one case I discovered the clamps that hold the power switch in place had broken causing the switch to not function properly.


i'm not really that good with motherboards and cables and stuff.
where on the motherboard would the power switch be connected?


in the picture ,somewhere on the white block ,is the wire from the power plug ,the one marked PSW, you motherboard book/manual should show it

if you hold the power button on the front of the tower in for about 30-to 60 seconds it will drain the boards compactors ,unplug the power cord from the tower first

Well the power cables in fine and the PSU is switched on.

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On that image you sent:

The front panel power switch (as well as the LED lights) are connected to pin connectors on the lower left corner (the tiny pin connector that says "panel" underneath). Your power switch will probably connect there somewhere, but I couldn't tell you which wires without looking at the motherboard manual, specifically the area related to that pin junction.

Also check the other connectors to make sure they are secure, usually by pulling them out and pushing them back in.

The bottom large blue one will obviously connect to the power supply. Make that one is secure.

There is also another power junction in the upper-left corner you could check. That might be another connector for the power supply or one for internal cards that use more power.

Dust the board really good with a can-of-air and make sure there aren't any loose objects lying on the motherboard and that no power connectors (i.e. for the various disk drives) are shorted out on anything.

Hope this helps

i made sure anything wired into the motherboard at the places you mentioned were in properly, just now. Still nothing happening...

My PSU is still doing something though because when I flick the switch on the back into the on position that's when the green light on the motherboard shows.

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Do you have another PSU to swap with? Maybe one of the voltage lines on it isn't working.


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