awesome ! had a gig (DJ) saturday so i was downloading tunes but also tried connecting to my sister in laws mac book to grab some of her library messed with network settings a little but was unable to connect so whatever. This morning i need to download some more tunes, but no wireless connection no light ! uh oh, i'm thinking 'please dont let my sweet vaio be broken' after checking the manually with a cable the internet worked the connection were available. took some deep breathes and found this board, smart network boom wireless settings were off. back up on my way thanx guys i love vaio.

Dan The Man
Las Vegas, NV

@rshotkoski - Thanks. Your post was very helpful. I was at my wit's end trying to get my wireless adapter back on when I came across your post.

Hi i have a vaio vpcz1 and the connection on the motherboard which leads to the wireless capabilities switch is damaged and i can't afford a motherboard replacement for that reason.
is there any way to enable wireless capabilities on my vaio without the switch board attached?? i have installed the wireless smart connection software but it doesn't allow me to open any of wifi, bluetooth, wan unless i put the switch on (sorry for bad english).

Can anyone help me with this?? i have a useless laptop without wireless capabilities.

I know this is super old but I had to come on here and say thank you SO SO much. Apparantly 4 years later this is still a problem. I spent 2 hours trying to figure it out before findind this post. Created an account just to say THANKS!

Hi folks thanks to the forum and especially rshotkoski for resolving the problem.
Cos I had tried all the stuff like updating the wireless card drivers and the widows used to just give the error switch on the lan with a hardware switch or the function keys, but did not mention the function keys neither the vaio central option.
using the link suggested by rshotkoski, I have been able to connect to wifi

have creatd this account specially to thank rshotkoski.
god bless .

Hi,my WLAN is on,u can even tell the Internet is on but still u can't browse,I have switch off and on the router ,turn off the lap top itself,still it's not browsing.what can I do pls?

Thanks, rshotkoski! it worked! you saved my day!

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