Hello there.

I recently upgraded my pc ( find spec below).

I pulled out the hard drives from my old pc and put them in the new one. i reinstalled XP and booted. i am running a 500GB 32mb SATA and a 1TB SATA .

Windows is installed on the 500 GB Drive

The Bios picks up the both drives but takes a good 60 seconds to load then windows loads up (After a good 60 seconds or so... alot slower then i thought).

When i finally get into XP i open my computer to see that only the 500gb hard drive is detected. I opened Device manager to try and detect the 1tb drive, after a few trys the device manager picks it up.


when i go into Disk manager the drive is no where to be seen...

Can someone please help me as i have alot on this drive that i dont want to loose ( the HDD Is 2 weeks old)



AMD Quadcore Phenom 2.4 GHZ 9750
Gigabyte MA790X-DS4 DDR2 MB
Corsair 4GB-PC6400
Cooler MAster 700w Real Power Module
Windows XP Sp3
500 GB SATA 32mb

Thanks again

Monkey Man :P

Well i solved my own problem lol

Turns out that the 700w module power supply that i was using isnt cabable of running more then 2 drives off the one cable so all i did was insert another power cable(sorry dont know avutal name) and the problem was solved..

There u go learn something new every day :)