I work for an engineering company as the ITT. We have to maintain backups incase of some sort of issue so that we can go back and recover files.

A little while back, one of the employees burned DvDs consisting of files copied from CDs in order to reduce the number of CDs in the office.

The problem we're having is now, even in the machine that burned the disks, when files are accessed an error occurs saying the drawing file is not vaild. If we try to copy to the desktop an error occurs saying cannot copy *. Error performing inpage opperation. When the disks are placed in other computers, they sometimes aren't even recognized.

The read onlycheckbox cannot be unchecked.

Any clue on why this is happening and/or how to fix it?
Thanks in advance everyone! ;)

Hmn, I'm guessing the dvd disk is certainly finalized?