PC become slow and i tried formatting. even after that is slow and take very long time to boot. after booting up whatever program is started it takes very long time to open for first time. but when the program was closed and restarted it is faster. can any one help

First of all you should clean your pc i mean to clean up your hardwares it will boost up your pc 10 to 30%.
then after you should run clean up wizard for respective drives and later defragmantor.
Let the pc run in cool place.
if the problems exists post me i will take care of you..

Thanks for the reply. i have contacted the service engineer and he tried to foramt the PC after deleting all the partition. still it took long time. so suspected that there might be some virus in partition or some bad sectors. so, i have sent the had disk to manufacturer for checking it up. hope it works.........

when doing a full format and clean install of windows then youre pc should operate a factory/manufacturers standard all viruses should be removed asswell.so unless you didnt do a clean install youre pc should've worked fine.if indeed you did a clean install then the problem lies in another place- hardware related.
good luck though

after i format my com it's kinda smooth but when i play any game require online like dotA maple story it will be very lag... can any1 help me?

PoorBoy You should have started a new thread.

What system do you have how old is it?
what graphics card?