I have bought 1GB DDR(PC3200) of RAM for my PC. Previously I have 512MB DDR(2100) of RAM. Currently I installed both RAM on my PC and it’s showing 1.5GB of RAM but my PC reduce my total RAM bus speed to 512MB(Old on PC2100).
I want to ask that which RAM module will work faster on my system?
1GB (PC3200) RAM or 1.5GB(PC2100)?
should I remove my old 512MB(PC2100)RAM?:rolleyes:
after install my old RAM why RAM run on lower BUS speed?:?:

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the pc is only as fast as its slowest component thats why the bus speed was reduced

so which RAM should i use 1.5GB or 1GB


depends what you are doing. If you go over the max amount of physical ram it uses a swap file on the HDD which is sloooow as its mechanical unlike ram which is electronic. If you dont think you are gonna use more than 1gb go for ti as its faster but if you need the memory and want to avoid swapfile slowdown then use the 1.5gb.


The PC3200 is going to be the best performing of the two. Try using just the PC3200 and see if the performance is better.

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