My daughter unknowingly unplugged the cpu from her pc by unclamping the cpu fan,then tried to start it, of course nothing happened. We figured out what went wrong and reattached the cpu and tried to start the machine. The pc will power up but freeze on the cpu/ram ID page and go no further. Any ideas where I go next?

Ok I read your problem. In many time while we are attaching processor or attaching IDE data cable on mother board RAM may be not fixed properly. After any device attaching to your motherboard check RAM is fixed Ok or not…..


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My daughter unknowingly unplugged the cpu from her pc by unclamping the cpu

You ovisiouly didn't put it back in correctly .

how do you unknowingly disconnect a cpu !

She was cleaning the inside of the case,saw a lever and pushed it. She only knows software,she doesn't know diddly about the hardware. It's back in correctly but it won't go past the start up screen.

It's possible that starting the computer without the heatsink&fan attached has broken the CPU as it just got hotter and hotter until it stopped.

If you can get to the BIOS, see what the CPU temperatures are.

For trying to get everything going, use only 1 stick of RAM in the slot closest to the CPU (just makes things simpler).
A CMOS reset could do the trick, worth a try (you can google how to do this if not sure).

What I would do if I was unsure about my CPU's contact with the heatsink is remove the heatsink/fan, clean off all the residue 'goop' with an alcohol-swab, or something similar (alcohol is good as it evaporates). Reapply a small drop of some fresh 'CPU goop' (arctic silver 5 is what's most commonly used) then reapply the heatsink/fan.

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