The LCD has black vertical lines, that correspond to icons or mouse movements. When connected to external monotor it works fine.
Need advice, thanks

Contrast circuit peaking? Has to be a screen issue.. Is the video washed out or faded looking?

The video is not faded, the black vertical lines are the only video present and are solid. Mouse movement lines are about one half inch wide and are the length from top to bottom. The other vertical lines are the width of would be desktop icons and run from top to bottom. Nothing else is visible, just the lines. The rest of the screen is just raster.

Sure sounds like a bad screen.. What size is it?

Sure sounds like a bad screen.. What size is it?

The LCD size is 14.1 Samsung p/n LTN141X9-L01 MS

Think I have one. I'll do some digging.

it does sound like it's an lcd problem since you said it was working fine when connected to an external monitor.

This only happen in Windows or always?

Soon after the screen lights up these vertical lines appear.


has anyone heard from him???
i sent him a couple motherboards and heard nothing.
i have called and emailed numerous times

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