I have and HP pavilion (Windows XP series 1) with 128 MB of RAM. According to my printer's software, I need at least 180 MB.

Might seem like a stupid question but I just want to make sure: Do I really have to buy some drive to make more room for RAM? Did I really buy this computer with only 128MB of RAM?

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just purchase a bigger stick, or puchase another stick of memory, most computers come with 2 or 3 slots for putting RAM in, just check your Motherboard manual for the correct pin count on the RAM so you get the right kind. ive never head of buying a drive so that you can add more RAM.


Sorry I didn't know the word for it. :o I see those slots in the back though. Thanks.
By the way, I've got the printer up and running.



You should consider getting your computer into the 256 MB range for RAM, or if you can, 512 MB. At 128, your hard drive is doing a lot of swapping, making performance suffer. Unless you are looking at a new computer soon, I would get more RAM.


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