My computer is having extreme difficulties. In the first place my computer has problems starting up. After pressing the power button the computer will make a normal click sound indicating it's on and then do nothing else. (It normally makes a click sound, then beeps and goes to bios and windows starts up) After turning it off and back on several times it will start up like normal and get to windows. If I try to run any games or anything that actually makes the computer do work it will just choke and die. For example, I had Garry's Mod 10 running fine last week and now when It starts up my computer just shuts off without warning. If I leave my computer unattended a half-hour or more it will just freeze. It does this on a regular basis now. A few weeks ago my ribbon cord connecting the hard drive to mother board came loose so I went and tightened it up. Could I have done something?

I have:

A Intel Celeron Cpu , 2.80 GHz, w/ 512MB of RAM

A Samsung sp0802n 80 GB hard drive

A Radeon 9600 Graphics card

A C-media ac-97 audio device

Please help

You did not say whether or not you have upgraded this computer like with a newer graphics card or anything. I have seen this problem when people upgraded something, and the power supply is not powerful enough to run all that's there.