Computer: Dell inspiron e5105 laptop
Warranty: Expired.

Situation: Spilled soda on my laptop, and like idiot I just cleaned it up with paper towel and continued gaming. My computer suddenly shut off and was out of operation (nothing happening when hit power) for about a week.

Diagnosis: I got it started and into testing using a second monitor. I was given error code 2000-0322 (LCD INVERTER not found) and error code 3900:0626 (TEMPATURE SENSOR not found). I am afraid I overheated my system. Though I am writing this on it (risky but only option.)

Surgery: I have installed two programs to try and solve fan problem. Notebook Hardware Control-Which displays my comp temps (which I do not understand if sensor is not found). The other program l8kfanGUI, displays and supposedly manually runs my fans. I used my chill pad and cranked my air conditioning to run and download these.

Computer Temps: HD: 46c and CPU: 56C (Normal temps?). When I tell l8kfanGUI to manually run fans, it acts as if fan 1 is working, yet I hear nothing running, and fan 2 (can't change speed of fan 2-I am guessing that is CPU fan).

Laptop Monitor: screen acts dead even when on, I have to continually turn the laptop on/off for it to go to testing which then recognizes and uses my second monitor. However I can sometimes extend my second monitor to it and it turns on with messed up colors. I would like it to use the laptop screen even though it is messed up so that I can just change to my second monitor once logged in (To avoid damage from turning on/off via power button).

Please help! If anyone can give me any information or possibly tell me an affordable way to save my laptop, I would really appreciate it. Very desperate here. :'(

what do you want to hear ,i think you said it all in the situation paragraph < my suggestion would be to take it to repair shop and have them take it apart and clean it

"Soda" can mean a few things. If it is Coke, or any cola, then it is very acidic and will eat into various components of your laptop. Citrus based soft drinks aren't as bad, and plain seltzer water is the least of all evils. Dried liquid on a circuit board will, at the least, create new circuit paths for the electricity to flow through. take it to a latop repairman, and pray for the best.

when push comes to shaft,then youll be needing a new mobo/Laptop

If you can find a place where they do chip level repairs of laptops, take it to them and tell them what happened. It needs to be opened up, the board taken out and cleaned of any soda residues that might be causing corrosion or short circuits. Also some circuit traces on the board might be damaged and they could repair this. The longer you delay in getting it fixed, the worse the damage might become as soda can be quite corrosive qas dogbreath077 said.

Good luck!

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