My Lifebook N3511 no longer boots to Windows. I see the Fujitsu logo screen then the screen either 1) goes blank and nothing happens or 2) goes blank and there's a blinking cursor in upper left-hand corner. Both scenarios have no progress after that.

I can't get to the Boot Menu [F12] or the BIOS setup [F2] from the logo screen.

Anyone know what type of error this might be? Hardware failure(s)??

Thanks in advance,


I want to add the Lifebook P7010 with the exact same problem. Happened a week ago. Disabled the Fujitsu logo screen to watch the bootup. The last thing displayed is mouse initialized before the screen blanks with cursor in the upper left corner

after installing windows xp i get a bsod error and system shutsdown

System is fujitsu lifebook v1020

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