A week ago my Alienware laptop decided to go Blue Screen on me and after much trial and error, I decided to call their tech support which told me that my 6 months was up and the help was very poor. All of that aside while trying to install the XP Pro service pack2 the install always freezes and completely stops at 34 to 37 minutes left to go. It will not go past that point. The disk is brand new and came with the puter. 1 week lost of productivity, not to mention the frustration is making me crazy. I have tons of phots and some websites that I don't wish to loose on this machine. Please help and thanks!

If you have any malware this will happen. Have you run any security scans lately? What do you use for protection, i.e. anti virus, firewall, malware, spyware...?

Thanks for the reply. I was using AVG antivirus and not much of anything else. I bought Netcom3 but can't use it. I cannot get the puter up in any mode. Can't even reinstal Windows. It loads halfway and shuts down.

I think the service pack messed up your windows. Yeah, definetily.

Try repairing windows to get your machine back to normal.

Oh, I second AVG, they are very good, also think their after sale service sucks ass.