Last night my machine lost all functionality, as nearly all programs have failed to open properly, including IExplorer and Mozilla. The best I can figure it may be a issue with the new video card, however its removal does not remedy the problem. About 5 days ago I added a second 3870 to run in XFire, all went well until last night, when without warning all my programs failed to operate as intended. At the time of the malfunction I was playing BF2 and lost my connection. I attempted to re-start the app and it failed to initailize, at which time I attempted multiple restarts, and a full reinstall of the game. After which I attempted to search the web for any answers, at this time I discovered that IExplorer and Mozilla also would not operate. As with nearly all other programs, they would not open at all. I then attempted to remove the newly added vid. card, but at no avail. I am operating Win XP 64 bit and have NOD32 antivirus installed. I am at a loss on this one; please help. Specifications are below...

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