we bought my stepdaughter advent laptop that more often than not displays multicolor virtical lines covering the screen when she switches it on, after doing a 30minute crash and re boot over the phone with the tech guys who said it was a graphic card problem which didnt solve the problem it was taken back to currys under warranty, they said she downloaded a virus and she was to put antivirus on laptop before she logged into windows which was done as they told us to do, she still gets multicolour vertical lines and for the 4th time its going back to currys, help please havent got a clue what is wrong other than it being the graphic card like they said - other problems relating to vertical lines down a screen seem to revert back to a graphic card. she needs this laptop 4 college work.

Plug in an external monitor. If the external displays fine, then the video card is also fine. Gently pinch the edges of the LCD screen where the lines terminate. If the lines change or go away, then it needs a new LCD screen.

Thank you dogbreath077 the reply we got back from Currys after the 4th repair was a virus in the graphic card software that she had unknowingly downloaded of the net which wasn't covered by the guarantee and whatever program this guy from currys downloaded onto the computer should sort it out, here's wishing but hey thanks for your advise will try it and let you know. Cheers.