Hello everyone, I stumbled upon the site via google and it looks great so far.

Okay, as for my problem, my parents' custom PC (my old one) doesn't seem to work except in Safe mode at the moment. I came home two days ago and plugged in a used usb keyboard of mine into the computer, then when I turn it one, it wouldn't work. I don't think this is the problem, but it doesn't hurt to say it.

The problem I'm experiencing is: After seeing bios and the loading bar for Windows XP, right before the login screen, the screen flashes some random lines and then crashes.

My components are:
Windows XP Pro 32bit
P4 2.8HT
Intel 875PBZ mobo
1.5 gigs of ram
250 gig hard drive (40 and 210 partitions, 40 for windows and 210 for storage)
ATI x1600 512 Megs Video Card

What have I done so far:
-I tried in Safe Mode to do a virus scan and spyware scan. Removed any unnecessary items.
-This didn't work, so then I search on google and found this site where someone recommended to use the Windows XP disc to do recovery mode. I used the chkdsk /r and recovered the operating system. After doing this, the system worked fine for one reboot. After installing new video drivers, the system crashed after the reboot.
-I then tried to install Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit on the system, after completing the process and booting into Windows, it popped up a message saying I need to reinstall.
-I then decided to try to reinstall Windows XP Pro 32bit again, I was able to do everything and then was able to get into Windows. I installed some drivers and then proceed to reboot. During the reboot, the same thing happened as before.

What I can do at the moment: As I said before, windows works fine when I'm in safe mode, but not in anything else.

Any help would be most appreciated!

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i'll grasp at a couple of straws , first try removing some ram and try booting ,
go to hdd makers web site and get a diagnostic tool to check hdd, google memtest86 ,make a bood cd and check for ram problems ,

Seems like a driver issue. What was the last driver you installed before XP went belly up?

Video driver is the prime suspect. Could also be that video card is faulty and works in VGA mode but not at higher resolutions. Try booting into VGA only mode.

I just booted into VGA mode as you recommended willcomp. It seems to work fine, what should I do from here? I installed the latest ATI drivers and it crashed, should I d/l an older package to install?

Thanks again in advance.

Yes, go back one or two versions. If you still experience problems, try another video card.

Also try video card manufacturer's web site and see if they have drivers for your card. The original drivers (ones that came with card) are often more stable. Only need to update drivers is to support newer games/software or correct problems.

I seem to have misplaced the CD that came with the card. So instead, I went to oldapps.com and downloaded the 7.3 version package of Catalyst drivers. I then installed only the drivers, none of that ATI hydravision or other crap. Everything seemed great, I then proceeded to reboot because of the install. As I rebooted, the exact thing happened as before, I think it may be the video card is faulty somehow.

Questions I have: Could I use some generic windows video drivers for the card? It seems anything ATI corrupts it, but when there are only the generic windows things in it, it works fine. My parents don't use games at all, the only graphical thing they do is Google Earth and look at house on Adobe Flash. So as long as I can get the "jumpiness" away when scrolling I don't need anything more.

Thanks again!

Problem appears to occur when card changes into higher resolution modes and that could be either driver or faulty card.

The only generic XP driver is the one used for Safe Mode/VGA Only Mode.

Did you remove all previous ATI software before installing older drivers?

If nothing else works, purchase an inexpensive nVidia video card. Recommend nVidia to completely eliminate ATI drivers as cause.

K, I will try to play around with the resolutions. Otherwise it's time to look for a cheap Nvidia AGP card.

Any recommendations? ;)

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