I need some help. I am working on a Gateway M520CS originally the power button was damaged. I got it to work while waiting for a new replacement power button panel. It had a broken at the arm and the small plastic contact the hits the micro switch. Anyway once the old panel was temporary repair the laptop would come on and got the blue LED light. I replaced the old power button cover with a new one and the laptop would startup, but the blue LED did not come on. I thought that was ok since it just a light. Anyway I had several startups before this next problem. With the new panel installed the laptop will not power up. I am thinking maybe the on/off power button panel has gone bad since the blue LED was not coming on. I have order a replacement on/off power button panel hoping this will correct this problem.

Do you have any other ideas of what may be the problem. Like I said it was working fine before and after the panel was replaced.

SOLVED: Bad 10-Pin ribbon cable it's the cable that goes to the mother board to the on/off power board.