Hey guys, I'm heading back to university to complete a masters course which requires an extreme amount of programming. Something which I'm looking forward to!

Last year I spent most of my time down the labs with a dual screen setup which meant that the IDE could be displayed on one of the monitors whilst the other could be used for the output.

Could anyone name a few great makes. Mother just had a samsung die on her, so don't know whether thats a great choice after all? I'm a big Sony fan but lately they don't seem to impress me much when it comes to design, and overall look of their monitors.

A 19" or something bigger would be nice.

Budget: I'm settling for £300 for the two monitors, the less the better but I wouldnt want to compromise the performance of the screens.

Thanks guys.

I Strongly recommend the 30" Apple Cinema display if you can afford it.

Otherwise, I have dual 20" AOC monitors which work great.

I like Samsung monitors, most of the electronics are Samsung in my apt.

Arr AOC I liked the 22" but cant find a british reseller :\

AOC actually makes the monitors for some companies like Dell (I think) and a few others, then they get relabelled with their brand, so AOC is the original makes.

I love my AOC monitors, they're amazing