The problem is when I power up my comp everything seems to come on,motherboards ready or I have power light is on,DVD/CD drive shows its working but nothing appears on the moniter. Friend said maybe its the motherboard or cpu. I have no idea what it is and hope someone can help. It is a Intel DG965WHMKR Mobo w/ a Intel Dual Core processor. Any help would be appreciated Thanks :icon_smile:

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Is there a beeping noise?
And have you changed any hardware recently?

Do you have a way of testing the monitor and the base seperately?

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I have tested the moniter on another comp and it worked w/o problem. As for the beeps I never really tried hooking up a speaker (as I never got anything on the screen) but I will and report back if there is any. Thanks for the help so far tho

Sometimes if you get a beep (this will quite often come from inside not speakers) will indicate a memory problem - had this recently with a customers machine.

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I tried and heard nothing at all internal or thru the speaker I had hooked up :( Guessing either mobo or cpu is dead Not sure which tho but thanks for the help

Are you using on board graphics or a graphics card?

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Ok, have you tried reassembling it? Just to make sure nothing has come loose?

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i was talking to friend n gave he told me he didnt recieve a driver disk with comp when he got it. He had old invoice on comp saved w/ reviews by other customers and one said that it has no driver disk and to get one from Intel. Quote,"This kit is recommended for the builder who is comfortable pulling drivers from the Web as there is no driver CD included. The DVD CD can be ordered from Intel's site. Build it!" Unquote As I am a newbie on the inner things like that but not completely dumb (I think ;D) Wouldnt it need these drivers to do nething? As the video working? Right?

In theory yes, but you'll usually get something - just won't display perfectly or correctly in most instances until the drivers have been installed.

Dazza :cool:

what about cpu? if bad wots its symptoms?

From what he told me he didnt have nething attached except 1 512 ddr2 mem in it. all the fans come on,the disk drive lights up n looks like its working,the lil light on motherboard lights up but nothing on moniter :(

what if the cpu is bad? Would that cause the problem? thot bout gettin a cheap cpu to test theory but wanna make sure wot u all thot..getting desperate lol