hey peeps,
i just tried to install a new gfx card in my compaque and it would not let me. So i just putt the old one back in. There was no problems for a few day's and all of a sudden a message popped up when my pc was starting up talking about checking disk drives for consist. then it automatically restarted in the middle of the check.So i started it in Safe mode and it restarted by itself again. This time on restartup it didn't do nothing just say's compaq at the beginning and then goes to a black screen with flashing white little bar. the HD sounds like it's working and all the fans too. does anyone know whats wrong? Help me out!

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You likely have a bad or failing hard drive, the first things to do though in this case are to check your connections between your HD and MB and the HD and PSU. Unplug and reseat each of these connections and retry.

I expect this won't work but it should help to rule out other problems.

If this fails then unplug data cables and power to HD and restart it should say something about no boot device if it does then it probably means that your MB is good and HD is bad. This is likely a failure of something in the read mechanism of the hard drive.


thanks for the info. I unplugged the wires and started it up and it said something about mem failure or something so i guess it's saying i need a new hd. if so can i just buy one and install it? or will i need to get a new window's disk too? or take to shop? which would be the cheapst?


If it says no OS found or something like that then yes bad hard drive.

You need to know the kind of connector of your current one if it is a slot kind of thing then it is SATA if it is a wide cable with about 40-80 pins on it then it is IDE (ATA), either way a new drive should be well under $100 unless you decide to go fairly large in size.

As for OS reinstall you should try to use your recovery or reinstall disks if you have them or perhaps could contact the vendor of your computer for copies of them. If you don't have those or that will be a pain for you you can also use any valid disk for your version of Windows so long as you have the valid COA sticker and they match up, this is how many computer shops create "slipstreamed" versions of Windows that incorporate the newer service packs and bypass a large number of updates. If you explain this to some local computer store or have a friend who is knowledgable they can assist you with this.

As for cheapest, to do things yourself is cheapest but will typically take you x3-x5 as long, and you may run into additional difficulties such as drivers for your equipment and outdated versions of things from the recovery disks.

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