PSU: Xion SupernNova 600 Watt (Model No. XON-600F14R-201)
Mobo- MSI P35-Neo-F
CPU- Q6600
Memory- 2 sticks of 1GB Mushkin HP2-6400
GPU- XFX GeForce 8800GTX

I managed to get Windows Vista Installed without it shutting down on me, or having problems with random other things. But now when I boot into Vista anytime from when it is loading up to me opening my computer to getting on the net for a few minutes, or watching some video can make it shutdown.

Apparently my mobo is known for shutting down and turning back on within 10 seconds of starting which is normal, so can accept that restart happening.

Currently I have tried to take out 1 memory module and change the remaining one within the four memory slots, if that doesn't work I am going to do the same with the other module. When I had them both in however before Vista would shutdown it would blue screen for a short amount of time and give me a Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_area, or something like that. If you ask for a memory dump I can't give you one as the computer isn't generally on long enough for that. Plus I don't know where they are.

The computer routinely (as in 75 % of the time) shuts off in the first 10 seconds, then around 5 seconds after that it turns back on. And yes by that I mean full shutdown, the hard drives stop spinning and all lights shut off.

After that it goes through a normal bootup where it shows me all the booting options (because it never shutdown properly) safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc. and then proceeds to boot into windows where it follows with the shutdown problem.

I tried disconnecting all of the drives except the Vista drive, one DVD drive and a drive thats connector was hidden by my video card, it still shutdown.

It doesn't seem to matter what I am doing, I could simply have firefox running with three tabs (Tested Twice), I could have Itunes trying to scan a harddrive for music (Tested three times), or it could have just got into windows and clicked on my computer (Tested once but it has happened twice more with only the explorer open).

If you have any idea, please post.

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that sounds like the computer is over heating. make sure all the fans run, and check the CPU to see if the heat sink is clogged with dirt. you can clean the inside with a can of air.

the Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area error is usually caused by faulty RAM. so if the computer is clean and you still have the same problem test the RAM. Run the computer with one stick of RAM at a time. if the problem goes away then the good RAM is in the computer and the faulty RAM is not.

Hope this helps

let us know what happens

I have checked and all the fans are running, as far as I can tell its quite clean in the case itself. I have a liquid cooling system installed on the CPU but I don't have socket to take it off and i don't have thermal paste to replace it when I do. I will attempt to obtain a can of compressed air to clean it out within the next day.

As far as the memory, I have already tried that and the problem persisted.

But thank you for the help, over the weekend I will try to get a couple sticks of memory to test.

If you have any more ideas that I can test out quickly without extra hardware please post. I thank you again for the help.

if you have a clean computer and the RAM proves to be good. then I would suspect the power supply next. it could be failing or you could have low voltage. check the power outlets and check any surge protectors or UPS's if you are plugged into any of those.

I had this problem and it was my vista instilation. i booted the system from a boot disk and it stayed running so i figured it was my OS. i re-installed the OS and it worked just fine.

I'd think it's the PSU, You're really pushing a 600 watt PSU (Neweggs simple PSU calculator says your set-up uses 615 assuming one HDD, which means you should have atleast a 650-700 for safety).

Usually an overworked PSU wouldn't shut you down until you were doing something to strain it, but if you got a weak unit it could shut down right away

Thing is, I have had this rig set up previously and had no problems with shutdowns, uptime could go for a week. But you could be right.

But I have noticed something while poking around the case while it was turned on, while all the fans were going, as far as I could tell the Liquid cooling unit wasn't pumping any fluid to the CPU. And I hand checked the temp when the computer started and right after it shutdown and it difference gave me quite a shock.

So I think the person who mentioned CPU overheating was correct, I'm going to see if I can find a store open tomorrow to buy a replacement cooling system. In the meantime, I'm going to see if i can find any information on my cooling unit.

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