I'm in Argentina and can connect to the internet via ethernet cable connected directly to my ibook G4. However, when i connect the ethernet cable to my airport extreme base station it simply doesn't work although in network preferences it says i'm connected (with the green light etc). The last time i connected via the base station (in Chile) there was no problem and it connected automatically. My ISP in Argentina is Speedy. any help would be greatly appreciated.




Couple of things here. You might be connected to the Airport Extreme (AE), but the AE might not be routing to the internet properly.

Not ever owning one, I am not sure how they are setup. I would bet there is a webpage in the AE that you may use to configure the settings. It is possible that the AE is not routing protocol information properly to and from the internet. Without a network diagram, and seeing the data in front of me, it would be hard to go further.

You can try re-setting the AE and see what that does for you.


I spent a couple hours this weekend hooking up an airport basestation. In the beginning I had the same thing happen to me. I had an airport express hooked up at the facility for two years and it was real easy to hook up...but this time i had an att cable/dsl modem to deal with.

I dealt with ATT first - I called up tech support and reset the password and tried again. I could set the airport OK but the network was not quite working with the internet. I had to access att modem an set it for Bridge .. then I took a rest and tackled the apple airport base side of things the next morning.

I ended up having to reset the airport and start over again...entering the IP login and password I was having unknown trouble getting it to work with WPA2 so I went back to WEP .. I did a restart and when I restarted i had internet ... I set the others computers with the new passwords