I have a Gateway, 520GB, it recently got wet while powered down but after that i dried it out and it worked fine, about 2 weeks later, i tried to boot it up and it doesnt work, i get three long beeps and the fan goes crazy but no start up screen, it stays on with the fan at full speed.....

Can anyone helpm ive tried removing all the ram, aswl as the graphics card etc...



The solution to the problems to verify if the Operating system loads properly.

Please ensure that when you switch on the PC you see the Windows logo screen perhaps reinstalling Windows from a CD might resolve the issue.

3 Beeps means
AMI Memory Failure
IBM (early) Memory Failure
IBM (later) Keyboard Failure
DELL Keyboard Failure


Thanks for your help, unfortunately no results yet!

When the PC tries to boot there is no start up screen atall, it can power the monitor but is not displaying anything. When I unplug the hard drive the beeps stop but still no screen, the problem still exists whether there is a keyboard plugged in or not so i think that rules out that error possibility.

Any other ideas?

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