Hey everyone,

This is my first post here and I must say that I'm very happy I found this place.

Well here is my issue. Yesterday my mother was cleaning my room and managed to strike the side of my PC case which happened to have a side USB port where my mouse was plugged in. When she struck the side of the case the USB port was damaged. Just to make this clear, this USB port came with the case and was on the front side of the tower (not on the back of the motherboard) The PC shut down after that and when I tried turning it back on I noticed that there wasn't a startup beep and the display wouldn't initiate. Another odd thing I noticed was the HDD activity light was a constant red (not the usual blinking) and the power indicator light wasn't even on (it's usually green).
All the system fans, graphics card fan, hard disk was running, and motherboard power light were all on. Now I already tried another motherboard and eliminated the graphics card as the culprit since the other motherboard had only on board video. I used the same memory, power supply, cd rom, and SATA hard drive (also used another IDE hard drive). I reset the CMOS as well.
If anyone can recommend something to try I am all ears. This issue has proven to be extremely perplexing and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone and I'm glad to be a new member.

Here is a picture of the damaged USB port:

Here are my specs:
Asus m2n-sli deluxe - Apevia X-Cruiser
AMD X2 5200 - 2GB pqi turbo DDR2667 - FSP 450psu
eVGA 8800 GTS 640MB - 200 GB SATA WD HD