and i thought the blue one was bad
hi im new to the forum and this is my first time ever needing to post a pc repair question my computer powers on but there are no beeps and no signal comes up on the my initial thought was graphics card so I replaced that and nothing changed still the same problem so I reset the bios by removing the battery for ten minutes still nothing happen when I powered it back on. Then I thought cpu so I removed it but that gust gave different symptoms so I inserted it again. Then I realised that the cdrom light was not on so I cheeked the power supply and the readings were 4.8 when it should be 5 and 11.7 when it should be 12 is this enough to cause the problem
also shouldn’t the dvd burner be powered ie able to open if the power supply was correct? Any help would be grately appreciated as I feel like giving it the bin at this stage

Hey there
Unplug the dvd drive and see if you can bring your pc up.also did you try swapping out your ram sticks

yes tried all sorts of combinations swaping the ram around just using too sticks ect. with and without all the cards\drives
to make matters worse it wasn't me who broke it so i dont evan know what caused the problem :@

plug the hard drive in another machine as a secondary drive and do a chkdsk f/.see how it behaves afterwords.