TOSHIBA A65 - was using it and it turned itself off - it was running on battery at the time.
Plugged it up and the 2 LED lights that are normally lit when the laptop is plugged in are lit but I cannot get it to power on.
I waited for the battery to fully charge and it did. Still didn't turn on. Could it simply be the on/off switch? or is it worse?
Without be able to turn it on - cannot diagnose - baffled.

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Disconnect the power cord and pull the battery out. Let it sit for a few minutes and then reconnect the power. If that doesn't do it, strip it down as far as you can go. remove the hard drive, cdrom (if modular), pc cards, memory etc. When you power it on now it should throw out a beep code for missing memory. Power it down, put the memory back, and see if it will post to a hard drive error. If not, your motherboard is probably bad.

Thank you - I will try that - right now I only removed the keyboard and blown the heat sink.
does it make a difference that no other lights even try to come on when I push the power on button... the button still feels the same - but I just noticed it has some sideways play in the power button - ??
Will try your suggestion tonight and let you know how it comes out.

Okay - I pulled the battery out and while out I blew out the connectors and the battery compartment - let it sit out about 10 minutes - put it back in and the computer powered on just like its suppose to.

Thank you for the suggestion to remove the battery.

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