When ever i start my system i get a MOM Implementation error which is a graphics driver problem i believe however I've deleted all the graphics software rebooted in safe mood ran Driver Cleaner then ccleaner rebooted, reinstalled the graphics software and like clockwork MOM Implementation thing is there again. I connot install any new games cuz it tells me i need directx 9 but the games i already had installed work fine including call of duty 4, what can i do?

MOM is for ATI cards

it requires the microsoft .NET framework 1.1 and 2.0

get them from the microsoft site

Got it installed it and nada nothing changed

reinstall catalyst (full suite) using the newest version from the AMD site, then reinstall directx9

Thanks for the advise jb I no longer get that MOM thing anymore and i can now access ati ccc which i couldn't do before however I've re-installed directx twice now from two different sorce but when i try to install games it say the installaton cannot be completed cuz i need to install directx, what shall i do?

are you an administrator?
what card do you have?

Yes my profile is an administrator and my card is a sapphire 1550

what OS?

i got a powercolor x1650 and an sapphire x600

they all run catalyst 8.3

XP sp2 amd 64 4200, 2gb ddr2, 160gb hdd and I think a 350watt ps that came with my case and i now have catalyst 8.3

thats wierd. It should be fine - my system is virtually the same spec

Well it seems as though we are at a dead end and I'd hate to have to re-install windows maybe we can start from the begining with my second post i believe Moody PC in trying to narrow the problem source i re-installed my ati drivers without first deleteing the installed ones this keep my hour glass constantly blinking so i uninstalled then re-installed drivers and ended up with MOM. (didn't uninstall in any particular order) if that make a difference.

i re-installed my ati drivers without first deleteing the installed ones

bad. Remove ALL ati software via control panel, then physically delete the ATI folders in the root of C and program files. Then reboot and try reinstalling the drivers. Reboot once driver installation is complete, then wait for windows to finish autodetection.

Will this solve the directx problem cuz by your suggestion i down loaded the cat 8.3 and i no longer get that MOM thing my problem now is that i've reinstalled directx twice now and when i try to install games i get a message saying i need directx

wierd doesn't sound like a good thing. Will a windows repair work? will anything work? HELP