Hey all, aight well this is a first for me and just to let everyone know i'm not computer savye at all. I know enough to run my computer and that's pretty much it so if you reply make sure to dumb it down for me thanks.
So here's the prob, just recently i bought a ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT w/ a 500W power supply. After installation i've been having difficulties w/ games such as Bioshock and esp. Assassin's creed freezing up during game play. I have downloaded Speedfan and it says that the computer is running somewhere around like 35-40C w/out a fan and when i play i make sure to put a desk fan blowing on it to keep it cool. So i don't think it has a problem overheating. I believe that i have the latest driver upgrade for my graphics card (Catalyst 8.6). I have tried doing some other stuff like disabling programs and everything when i play the games but doesn't seem to do the trick. Uhh any helpful advice will be appreciated and once again can you make sure to explain yourself as if you were speaking to a kid thanks.

Computer Specs:
Microsoft XP Professional SP3
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40 GHz
(not sure if it really makes a difference or not but this doesn't meet the requirments of assassin's creed (got it as a gift) which you need a intel core 2 duo 2.2 GHz which might add to the prob. of it freezing don't know but doesn't explain why other games freeze up seeing how the system requirements are meet)
1.00 GB of RAM

Well if you need any other info let me know and i'll see if i can find it.

Explain the freezing ups, please.. Are we talking about performance glitches, or total system freezes with reboots?

I'm familiar with Bioshock, and there is an ATI Patch available.

Also, latest patch for Bioshock is v1.1.. make sure you get the worldwide patch.. unless you have the German version.

That would take care of any software-based problems.

Lets talk hardware..

Did you overclock the CPU or VGA? If so, try with factory speeds for both CPU and VGA (and RAM).

You can try increasing the voltage for CPU and for RAM, but be sure to monitor the temperatures.. higher voltage means higher temperatures... and higher system stability.

another question is is it giving off blue screens if so post what the blue screen is saying i could find out possible what the coding means by looking it up.

(this is only if you dont have blue screens of death....) also what ati video card do you have and also what mother board

video card speeds and memory info can lead to something.aslo check event viewer for leads or indication
RAM and CPU looks fine