I have a thinkpad 600e that I use for travel. I need to have constant power to it so I tried to keep the power switch engaged (this works on older laptops) so that when power goes out the system automatically reboots when power returns. However, on the 600e and newer systems the process only causes the system to start then shutdown.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Isn't this is how all laptops (and current desktop PCs) are designed? When the power switch pushed in/engaged when the system is on for a certain period of time, it will turn off. This is a built in feature, and not one that is easily changed.

I imagine some systems out there have some setting/power feature/jumper that would turn the system back on if it was off, but a laptop is a different story. There are BIOS options that will turn a PC on if a signal comes through a phoneline or network cable though (Wake-on LAN etc).

Why do you need to keep the laptop on all the time? And why would power be interrupted? Doesn't it have a battery? (although a battery should not be left in a laptop if it's always plugged into the mains power)

Right, it seems strange. But I use the laptop in a demonstration display for my job and it is quite a chore to open the display every time I do a demonstration. I have programmed an autorun file to execute when the system starts up and begins the demo.

If I could just plug in the power supply the -- Bamo, no taking the display apart.

Any ideas?

Oh ok. Let me see if I've got this straight.....

The laptop is part of a "display". Power is easily attached to the display, but to actually press the laptop's power button requires dismantling of the display itself in order to get to it?

Yup. That's the gist of it. Any suggestions?

I need some serious help I have An IBM thinkpad notebook computer and it was fine. About 2 weeks ago there was no sound whatsover coming out of my speakers and practically no sound what sover I need help fast its Urgent. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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