Hi it's my first post here. I have a problem with my mouse. It works for a certain amount of time, then the cursor freezes in one spot on the screen. I can still do everything normally, i can click and drag and all that stuff, i just can't see the mouse thus i dont know where i'm clicking. I had this problem for a while now. I tried updating my mouse drivers but no dice. i probably missed something but I have no idea what. It's starting to get frustrating.:confused:
I appreciate any ideas and solutions. Thanks!

hey, the same thing happens to me all the time, it stopped for a while, but now it is back and is killing me, im sorry i dont have an answer for u and i feel your pain :sad:

hey, i fixed my mouse freezing problem, what i did was run my virus scan, Ad-Aware scan, and my Anti-Spyware scan, so try thoes and ill check up on ur thread to see if it works or not, hope everything turns out ok :cheesy:

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