Hello ,
I did something stupid and made a partitiion active and now it wont reboot (it says bootmgr missing) - Is there a way i can revert the partition back to its original state .


you can go into safe mode and undo your actions.

Thanks - How can I do that if The screen freezes at boot up - (I can get to set up ) .I also tried booting via XP disk but it kept freezing.
It is a dell XPS720 if that helps

start pc press f8 a continuelly untill you get a boot up screen that gives you the safe mode option.enter for safe mode.
if it freezes before that slave your disk in another machine and run a chkdsk.now try to startup again.
ill stick with ya on this one

also try a boot disk of partition magic that way you can boot upto partition magic and change the drive parameters to how you want it using dos.

that might do the trick that sittas87 is thinking of as well if safe mode doesnt work

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it - Firstly I cannot get it to "safe mode"
I am now going to try another boot disk and see what i can get to from there.

I am back up and running - I took the disk out placed it into a USB external drive from another PC then in computer management restored the original partition as active and that worked .Thanks again for your help guys it was great to know I had support

no prob man glad you up and running