It happened suddenly, I had no access to my printer...I have had some training and built this comp myself about 4 years ago...I really don't need much as I'm not a big gamer...I have had to slick and start over 2-3 times, but not in a year or so...I've checked the bios and am supposed to be the admin. but am cut out of some changes that I should be able to make...IE, boot sequence, etc...any help please...

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If I hit delete to enter, it is password protected...I have the password but am not able to change settings...90% of available change setting are "greyed out"...my major problem is the fact that I can't get any USB device to work...printer shows ready...started out, it just wouldn't start until I restarted...then it quit altogether...tried to un then reinstall...now I cannot install any USB device...Hope this is clearer and someone can help...

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