Although my problem is similar to others discussed here, it's a bit different. I have two disk drives on my Dell 8300. They play CDs and DVDs fine. But, when I put a blank CD-R or DVD+R into the drive, I get (on the E drive) E:\ is not accessible. Incorrect Error. Or, on the D drive, "Disk is not formatted. Disk might be corrupted or using a format that is not compatible. Can anyone help?


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try changing the cable on the drive. and if you have both drives on one cable set one to slave and one to master.
Also try using one drive connected at a time to rule out a damaged drive.

You want to also go int ot systems properties and see if the drives are listed with any error icons. 9question mark, or yellow dot with black exclamation mark.)

Thanks, bobbyraw, but it's still no go.

I don't believe it would be the cable or cables since the drives work fine with disks that already have information on them. They only act up when a blank disk is placed in the drives.

I also don't think both drives could go bad at the same time.

The disks I'm trying to use come from packages that have contained disks that I used successfully not long ago.

what program are you using to read the disk. you probably need to enable imapi within the program.

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