hi there,

A few months ago i decided to build a completely new machine, aiming to design a powerful gaming machine, after some discussions about my hardware, i have decided i think i need to upgrade, im not an expert on hardware so this is where you guys come in :)...

I am currently using http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-087-OC&groupid=701&catid=8&subcat= and for some reason i am getting the feeling this is crap ram and i should use faster, the problem is, does anyone recommend any basic specs for a 4gb that i should aim for, speed, timings etc etc...

Also i am thinking of getting a different OS, i currently use XP prof but am considering a change, does anyone know of a better OS that i could use, (faster etc)...

Thanks for the help

Jfuller113 :)

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It's best to match your RAM to your motherboard and processor. So, if you're getting a new Mobo and CPU soon you should decide on that before buying RAM.

If you've already got your sweet new mobo and CPU, then it's a fair bet some 800MHz might unleash some more overclocking power, but it depends on what you've got.

For stock standard use I think your 667MHz should be OK, but as I said, it depends on what you've got. A 'powerful gaming machine' needs 800MHz RAM, IMO.

Next step up is something like THIS which is 800MHz.

I don't know much about latency (except that less is more, or something like that)

Your motherboard manufacturer's website should list all the RAM it's tested to work in your mobo. A good place to start.

ahhh ok then cheers for the advice mate, much appreciated :)


No problems :)

I should mention that 800MHz is by no means the highest RAM goes. DDR2 comes in 1066Mhz speeds (+ overclock) while DDR3 can come in speeds of up to 1600MHz I think, at the price of higher latency.

Any other questions, feel free. When you're done you should mark the thread as solved.


yehh i have been reading some of the other RAM problem threads to try and understand a little more about speed of RAM etc.. and i came across the latency/timings, i am puzzled when it comes to timings, it makes sense to me that the less the better, but im not sure, is that correct? Also i have been reading that DDR2 RAM has higher latency but higher memory speed... :S Not quite sure if im correct in saying so.

Yeah, less latency is better (it's the time taken for a signal to go through the RAM and back, so quicker, or lower number, is better) What each of the numbers mean specifically I don't know.

The main 'buzz' topic lately is (was) that the new DDR3 has higher latency but faster speeds than DDR2 (and is freakishly expensive). However, I've heard people say that the high speeds are more than adequate compensation for the higher latency. You need a DDR3 board to run DDR3, they're not inter-changeable.

ahhh ok im with it now :)

thanks for the info m8, also, i know im in the wrong place to ask, but would you recommend any OS's?,, im currently using XP prof, but not sure if its the best one for me to use for gaming.. thanks :)

IMO that is the best for gaming.

Vista gives you Direct-X 10 possibilities, but personally I'm still using XP pro.

I tried dual booting XP and Vista for a while, but it's a pain having 2 OSs, so I just went back to XP.

The more time goes by, the more attractive Vista will become (most new PCs ship with it now, so parts have to be compatible). I'll switch to it eventually I suppose, but I'm in no hurry.

Ok mate thanks a bunch for your time and advice, appreciated a lot and set right a few queries i had... Thanks :)

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