hey everyone,
i've had my toshiba satellite a215 for about a year now, and its been through a move as well as ONE drop which happened not to recently. when i turn it on it goes through the start up menu and just as its about to go to the log-in screen, it turns black as if its hibernating. i've played around with some of the settings or bios as its referred to? but no luck, i'm thinking of maybe leaving it off overnight and seeing if it somehow starts working again. i've also been to a laptop-repair site which says one of the most common problems with any toshiba model is that its overheated and that cleaning it with an air-compressor should do the trick. i'm not sure what i should do or believe.

oh and please take into consideration i'm a 15 year old girl, who doesn't speak computer :D

much appreciated!

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can you go in through safe mode??tap f8 a number of times untill you get a list of options "safe mode" is one of the options select safe mode.

i hit f8 countless times and all it got me was a bunch of short beeps and NO options list. i touched other keys and most of them made a short beep too.

how bad is it?

can you boot from a OS disk??

Is there a flashing cursor in upper left hand corner of black screen?

OS disk? [sorry, i'm challenged]

and no there's no sign of life, after it boots up.
i did end up getting a list of options, and tried repairing as well as trying to enter in safe mode.

i think the issue is with my screen.

Connect a monitor to VGA port on notebook and see if you get a display.

Toshiba help line helps in getting information about each and every key.The help line is very clean and clear to follow it.


can be graphics failure,but try post #7

i'm planning to take it to a repair store, but i'm hesitating because i have limewire installed.

i'm a teenager but could i get in serious trouble if they find it? and can they find it?

limewire isnt legal downloading copyrighted stuff is illegal.
Techies are there to provide a service not to accuse you and lock you up.they to glad that youre making use of their service and paing them.

As for limewire it is only a problem if you downloaded copyrighted material. :-) Still if it is a reputable repair centre they shouldn’t invade your privacy by going into personal files. Did your computer come with a system restore disk? It is possible that you have a hard drive problem and the restore disk (if it will boot from it) should let you run scandisk. If you can get into bios but not boot into the operating system the hard drive sounds like the problem to me. This could be a result of limewire you mentioned. There are some nasty things you can pick up there.

Good luck

correction on post #11
limewire is a legal program it is certain aps (copyrighted aps) thats illegal not everything though.

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