This notebook is going back to HP for repairs, under warranty. The problem is I have importaint info on the HD, I was going to ship it without the HD to protect the info, HP won't accept the notebook without the HD....even though the problem is in the MB. Does anyone know of a cable connection I can directly connect to this SATA HD to another computer to burn and clean the info? The notebook does not boot up at all, I can't do anything with the notebook. If someone can direct me to buy a conecting cable....or what suggestions are available? Thanks, Steve

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caperjack..this is just what I was hoping for! Your my hero! I'll be back with the hopeful positive results. Thanks! Steve

good luck ,hope all goes well

caperjack........the cable connector was not adaptable to the HP HD, so it failed the Hero test! LOL! I don't have any idea what HP has for that HD for a connector so if anyone else would want to do what I attempted to do. But the cable system you suggested did work with another sata HD....with the exception the power supply that came with the kit didn't provide any's going back. Anyways, it was another learning experence about the computer world. A serious Thank You caperjack for the info! Unless somone else knows of the correct connector for this HP Presario V6000 HD, I think this thread should be closed. Thanks, Steve

oh well,
i didn't think there was a difference in any laptop connections ,and the laptop hdd gets the power from the usb when you plug it in

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