I have a computer that started freezing after a few minutes from being turned on. The OS is Vista. I have tried reinstalling Vista as well as XP on both the original hard drive and a new hard drive. During installation of both OS's it froze. I would retry and retry and eventually get the install complete but then would freeze when it was started. The CPU fan and power supply seem to be working just fine. Any other ideas I could try? Could the motherboard be bad? Any other suggestions would be great!

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when last did you apply some grease to your cpu.also blow out your machine to remove dust

If display freezes rather than blank screen or reboot, problem is likely caused by video card. Overheating of video card will produce those symptoms (frozen display).

I had a similar problem and after I checked my cpu I found the aluminum cooling fin was not completely touching the chip. So I resecurred it better and turned on the computer and now it doesn't freeze up. I think I shoud buy some of that special glue that goes in between the cooling fin and the processor.

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