I have a Dell D600 laptop (windows xp sp2) - its been working fine for 4-5 years suddenly last week the screen froze and when I switched it off and back on the caps lock and scroll lock lights will blink for a while and then the whole laptop shuts itself off.

Can you give some suggestions please - I need to get some valuable data back from this machine.

Also how to open the laptop? - I tried unscrewing but the cover doesnt seem to come out.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Thanks In Advance

sounds like power to me. somewhere theres a power leakage.It wont be your hard drive otherwise lappy would have still come up so data retrieval from hard drive is still possible. you should take your lappy to your local techy

It's a long time your laptop work with you, maybe it's in the critical condition. In my experience if the power was on then turning it off by itself the board is week. At this time if this will work try to backup you data file there will be no second chance if there is you are lucky. Place it up sidedown, am i correct? the bottom will be on the top. Remove the battery, floppy, CDRom then also try to find the harddisk and then remove gently, remember how did you removed, now try to find a flat form near the board then push twice a little strong then put it back everything you removed, try to open. Good luck

It is better than you open the laptop it is very risky you can open easy but its hard to put it back.

Overheating is one of the most common causes of older computers shutting down. Try blowing it out with a can of air.

This site may provide you with useful information for disassembling the laptop.

Thanks! folks for your leads - will try them out.

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