I am constructing an Intel sysetm: Intel D945PSN/Pentium D, D945 3.4 Mhz processor, Windows XP Professional (will not load). All components check out as compatible. System boots to bios, no problem. All components register, but after the boot to bios, CD spins with XP installation disk, but all I get is a "0" on the upper middle section of my screen. The computer then cycles and all I get is: "-0- oo - -0- oo"
- oo oo

I have exchanged the board with Intel and the processor with my OEM distributor. I have tried multiple drives and cables. Still the CD R/W and hard drives will not recognize. Any idea what is wrong?

I had an old computer that had a keyboard attached with a key that (unknown to me) was stuck. That was enough to make it display funny error messages after bios and not boot, so try using a different keyboard

I had this problem with my computer many times , it is better to format the hard drive and install fresh OS.

Good luck

What kind of hdd and CD drive are these, IDE or SATA?

Do you have the CD-ROM set as the first device in the boot order in the BIOS?

Code OO on AMI BIOS means the CPU is being tested.
It would appear that it failed the test.

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