okay. so i just had a new video card installed and the motherboard replaced a few days ago. i have a gateway 21" monitor(model number is FPD2185W) and i have a nVidia 7600GS video card. i hook the monitor into the video card with a DVI adapter. however, it is used on the VGA setting(it automoatically goes to it). i have windows XP SP2. if any of that helps.

when i had it fixed, it worked no problem except it wanted me to reinstal eztune and the driver for the video card, which i did(if i remember correctly). it still worked, and there were no problems with the display until today.

someone unplugged the power supply from my computer to shut it down that way. so when i went to boot it up, the colors were very weird looking. as in, they looked almost like windows 98 safe mode colors. very washed out. and my toolbars and such i customized so they were hot pink. now, they're a very washed out periwinkle, purplish color(if i could find my digital camera, i could show you). to give you an idea of how it looked, here's an image from an icon tutorial i did . everything is purple, to me. :/

can anyone help me? thanks!

you may try uninstalling and re-installing the video drivers. then make sure that you resolution is set to the proper screen size and make sure the color pallet is set to 32bit and not 16bit.