I have an Inspiron 6000 that will start to come on. The cap locks light blinks 9 times and then turns off. I'm sure that is a "post" code of some type, but can't find any documentation of that on this model.



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With the computer turned off and unplugged. Remove the battery and reseat the memory modules/sticks inside the memory bay. Put all the components back then start your computer.

If the problem still persists, repeat the process then test one stick at a time in both memory slots or try to test the sticks in another computer.


I tested the sticks in another computer they are fine. I also tried one at a time. Same thing. the cap locks light blinks 9 times then the comptuer turns off.


I had this same problem, and searched the interwebs high and low for what the blinking caps lock code meant. here is what i found out after giving up on finding the answer(Just so everyone in the future can know): the laptop booted only when there wasn't ram in the first dimm slot. So, from what i got, it means that one of the dimm slots is going bad. take each out one at a time and try booting. of course this leads to believe that eventually, more components on the mobo will start to go bad as well. At least you wont need to

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