I have a Dell Latitude CPx-J laptop BIOS A16. It recently got the BSD and wouldn't boot. I removed the HDD(20GB) and heard a rattling sound. No problem (so I thought) and bought a new 80GB HDD(IDE ATA-6). I replaced the disk and now the laptop won't recognize it. When I boot with the disk inserted the screen stays black with a blinking cursor (after the dell splash screen). If I boot into BIOS setup(F2) the clock is frozen, no peripherals are shown, and the keyboard is unresponsive. If I boot without the disk inserted the clock works, the keyboard is responsive, and it shows the CD as a peripheral.
I hooked the HDD to another laptop and was able to see and format it from that laptop. So I know it's not a problem with the drive.
I got a used CPx-J motherboard from ebay and when I boot using the 80GB HDD I get the same (un)response as the original motherboard.

Does someone have any other suggestions as to what I can try?


Have you checked the jumper settings on the new hard drive?

I left all of the jumpers off on the new drive (ie. no jumpers). I believe that is auto detect.

Try to set the jumper to cable select, motherboards react differently to jumper settings sometimes.

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