Alright, I am having a problem with my lapop opening up (physically, not software booting). I'm going to have some trouble explaining this, so bear with me.

To close the laptop, there are usually two metal pieces that when closed snap into the bottom part of the laptop. To open it you push in the button, which retracts two metal pieces in the laptop to unsnap the screen and allow it to open up.

Hopefully you know what I am talking about. English is my native language; I just don't know how to explain this or the proper terminology.

The problem is that the metal piece on the right side does not retract when the button is pressed in. Now, normally the right side won't even snap in, so the screen does not ever close completely on the right side.

However, sometimes the screen does completely close and you can't get the thing back open. I just spent 30 minutes messing with it before I could get it open.

For now I have shoved paper in there so the right side will never snap into place.

Is this something I could repair on my own? Any suggestions? This is less than a year old and still under warranty, but I can't go without my laptop now that the school semester is almost over and then I am going off to Europe for awhile. So if I want HP to mess with it, I'll have to wait until July.


Tony Blum

I would send it in for warrenty if you have that option, becuase the only other alternative is to open up the lcd lid, and see why its sticking. (That can be a pretty messy job, especially not for the weak of heart seeing their new laptop in bits and pieces all over and not being able to get it back together). Just make sure you get it done before your laptop's warrenty is done with :)

Another temporary solution besides the one you use with paper would be to use some electrical tape over the bad latch, it may do the trick :)

Alright, that confirmed by suspicions. I'll wait until July and get it repaired right before my warranty runs out. Thanks.

Anthony Blum