i have a question 2 ask i just bought a new motherboard
LGA775 GA-8I945GMF

anh when i finished assemblem it nothing happen just a black screen appear the power is on but sccreen not appear and i dont no what wrong whit it

plz help

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did you install a graphics card? if so, is the monitor plugged into the graphics card or the integrated graphics of the motherboard?

this is a all in one motherboard so its alrealy have a graphic card in it

so i am guessing you didnt install a graphics card, you are just using the integrated graphics. did you try and insert a graphics card to see if you could get it to post video?

Also, did you try a different monitor?

i did try diff monitor but not graphic maybe i should buy one and try

i just bought a new graphic card
NIVDIA 6600GT and i put it in the motherboard but the blank screen still appear nothing happen

so plz help me

You need to expand on what exactly happens when you attempt to power up the computer. Do the fans start? Can you hear the hard drive going? Do the power lights come on at the front of the computer? Does the power light on the monitor come on? Did you only replace the motherboard and fit all your other original hardware (RAM, hard drive, optical drives), or is everything new? If you only changed the motherboard, you will probably have to do a reinstall of the operating system.
Can you get into the BIOS at all?

well everything new except the power supplier..i had the same motherboard b4 and its still dosent work so i thought its the motherboard problem and now i bought a new one and its still same problem.

the fan did start..only the greeen light appear in front comp but red one not..

Well, if you have changed everything else, then it probably is the Power Supply Unit.

ok...what if i still get the same problem after i got the new power supply

is there other problem that i get a blank screen

You said you had changed everything except the power supply and the problem remains. There is nothing else :).

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