Last week my wife was on my pc, she went to her email inbox and the PC froze, she rebooted and received the error cant remember exacly but no drive present hook up and press enter, not that exact error, Compaq Presario PC, Sata to HD and DVD. Hooked up different HD IDE works fine. I lost the Recovery disk but have a vista recovery only, no OS. I have a USB to SATA and I can view all files on drive. The DVD drive also seems to be trouble after the PC froze cant boot from cd on that Sata DVD drive, had to hook up IDE cd drive to boot to other hard drive and install xp. Almost think its the sata wire but im not sure. Im not sure about this either but when the HD is plugged into the compaq with the sata wire i cant hear it start up, when i plug in on other pc with usb to sata i can here it start up, any ideas?

Hi Chuck welcome

What you can do is go into the BIOS and in the peripherals check if sata is enabled. you might also troubleshoot by making a master and secondary sata.dont know of specifics but you can play around with bios settings [only that witch states sata]Im almost sure its BIOS stata config's