hi all,

my HP scan jet 4300c is aparently a good scanner but ive yet to see this as it has never worked, im starting to wonder if i should chuck it but i dnt give up on hardware easily, lol

i plug it in to usb and install the drivers and software as you do, and when i go to use the software to begin a scan it either crashes, or displays an error message saying scanner not found.
ofcourse thats rubbish because its plugged in, power on, shown in device manager, and i have even found the latest update for drivers and still nothing.

a scanner is sumthing i could really do with.
its a handy thing for my music scores etc.

it would be swell if anyone could be a hero for me and come up with anything i might have missed? bere in mind ive tried just about anything i can think of, im on the verge of chuckin it ppl! help!! :cry:
many thanks

ok,i can see no 1 has any immediate answers to this, if u dnt kno the solution or anything i can do then can sum1 recommend a scanner that is of a cheap price and is a reliable and high quality scanner? cos im thinkin ill need to buy a new 1 :( any1 expert enough to save an apparently good scanner from potentially going to waste?

Try this:

Uninstall it from Windows. Then unplug it and reboot. Reinstall the drivers, then plug it in.

USB devices usually have to have the driver installed BEFORE you connect them up.

ok thanks catweazel, ill try it and let u kno wot happens

cat weazel, i said id let u kno how it went and here it is:

it hasnt worked :(
however it got further this time, it was warming up the lamp but then it crashed again :(
i think im gonna sell it if any1 wants it dispite the fact it wont work for me, and try to get a new one

before you sell it try a different program like if you have a web cam some webcam programs allow you to use a different imageing device but make sure your drivers are all up to date

scanners are notorious non workers

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