I am looking into setting up a computer and lcd monitor in a restaurant kitchen in close proximity to a very greasy area of the kitchen for the purpose of the cooks being able to see food orders placed by customers.

I want to know if there are any inexpensive products available to protect the devices from grease build up.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Hello.I think you would be fine to have your computer in a 'safe area',away from the kitchen area.Just find a spot where the computer would be enclosed and away from the expected dirt/dust/grease enviroment.Maybe put it in a different room altogether.You can buy cables of many different lengths to run to the Monitor.
I'm pretty sure the Monitor internals could handle the handle this enviroment with no major problems.There are no moving parts in a Monitor.Just keep the Monitor away from excessive heat,as this causes LCD's to do weird things.They don't like high heat or extreme cold.
Good luck,Lonewolf57

I'm not sure why I didn't think of it initially, but instead of setting up a computer or monitor in the kitchen for cooks to receive food orders, a simple ticket printer connected to a computer or network to print out food orders would be most cost effective and efficient.

I'll look into what kind of products are available. Perhaps I can find something that connects to a wireless network (which may not be most cost effective, but would be better than having an ethernet cable to deal with).